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    Shopping at The Nest!   by Guest Blogger Morgan

    Shopping at The Nest! by Guest Blogger Morgan

    Walking into the door of The Nest, you are immediately met with the warmth and comfort that has been created within, and it's how a yarn shop should be!  Next, you see all of the colorful yarn - it fills your sight and for a moment you need to pause to soak it all in.  Then all of the completed pieces made by workers and customers that frequent the shop, meets your eye.  It is a tight knit community, for sure (pun intended)!  

    The store is filled with the beautiful colors of hand-dyed Madeline Tosh yarn.  The colors are so vibrant and beautiful - each skein is different!  But that's not all that lives on the shelves - there is Blue Sky fibers, Spud & Chloe sweater yarn that works up beautifully in any project you desire.  There are plenty of colors and weights to choose from, so finding the perfect yarn for the project that's currently only a gleam in your eye is easier than you'd imagine - the only hard part is deciding on the color(s), but of course, even that's enjoyable!

    The owner, Diana, is very knowledgable and proficient in knitting and helping you to choose the right weight and fiber for your projects!  She or one of the helpers around the shop (myself included) are always happy to help!  We even offer to wind them to make it easier for you to knit - or crochet, whatever your preference!

    Once you've made your selections, you come to the check out counter and notice all of the wonderful tools that are designed to make your knitting life easier.  From stitch counters to yarn holders, stitch markers and beautiful needles and comfortable hooks!  Be sure to check these items out as you check out with your beautiful yarn!

    This is it.  You've found the perfect yarn for that sweater, or scarf, or blanket - whatever pattern you wish to create!  You've got your beautiful wooden needles and all your helpful tools and you're ready to go.  The owner, or one of the helpers around the shop bids you farewell with a smile and a "happy knitting!" as you leave, satisfied with your experience here at The Nest.

    My Juneberry Shawl

    My Juneberry Shawl

    The story of our Juneberry Knit Along begins about five years ago when I saw Jared Flood's beautiful pattern for the first time. I loved how the lace texture was enhanced with the use of worsted weight yarn. Most of the lace knitting I had seen at this time was done with lace weight yarn and therefore very traditional looking to me.

     I immediately purchased the pattern. However as I read through the pattern I was intimidated by the charts and felt my lack of experience in lace knitting would make the project far beyond my skills. So the lovely Juneberry was put on hold. Through the years I would always look longingly at it, then put it aside.

    Fast forward to late summer 2015. While brainstorming knitting projects ideas with some customers, I shared my longing to knit the Juneberry. It was decided to try the Juneberry as a knit along with everyone in the group helping each other. My plan was to try to stay a little ahead of the group both trouble shooting and developing strategies make the project. When I knit I always read the entire pattern to get an overview of the project, look for repetitive patterns or stitches, color code my charts and highlight important information. This strategy facilitates an enjoyable knitting experience that supports my tendency to be a visual learner. I chose Madeline Tosh Vintage in Cobalt- a rich dark tonal blue.

    All this preplanning really worked. I loved knitting my Juneberry. It went smoothly with very little error. We met weekly and everyone was pleased with both the pattern and yarn. I found Jared Flood's pattern to be so well written. The charts and schematics were excellent. I was challenged but not overwhelmed. I made my bobbles from the right side- knitting in reverse to eliminate flipping my work.(I seem to get confused when I flip my knitting from side to side. LOL) 

    I love my Juneberry and am so proud I can finally check this project from my "knitting bucket list".




    Our Beautiful Bride

    Our Beautiful Bride

    One reason I love my yarn shop, THE NEST, so much is the friendships I see blossom and grow among my customers.

    Last summer, Angela helped me in the shop with some classes and such. She's my daughter's age and absolutely the warmest, funniest, and most patient young woman. She's a nurse by profession (so maybe that has something to do with it).

    On Wednesday afternoons a group of knitters (all retired) meet to work on projects and share triumphs and tragedies at THE NEST. The unlikeliest friendships developed between our young Angela and the Geriatric Knitters as they call themselves. Angela was planning her wedding. Of course the Geriatric Knitters got involved offering help with tables and chairs, making jello shots, giving advice, and supporting Angela through the anxiety of wedding woes.

    And on the big day they were all in attendance. It was an absolutely lovely wedding and Angela was a beautiful bride. She insisted her knitting friends be included in a picture. 

    It's amazing such sweet friendships develop while knitting.

    Gilmore Girls Knitting

    I now realize I'm not alone in my passion for spotting knitted objects while watching movies and films. Evidently, it's a widespread symptom of many knitters. Recent case in point,"Gilmore Girls..A Year in the Life".

    I came late to Gilmore Girls, binge watching 5 of 7 seasons in winter 2016. (I skipped the last two seasons when I suddenly had to pay on Amazon Prime Video). So it was really a treat over my recent Christmas break to watch the new Netflix 4 part film. I loved it, by the way, and spotted some great knitted pieces.

    Paris Geller looked stunning in the scarf, Eponymuff. 

    I learned by googling that the pieces were designed by LISALUCIA and patterns are available on Ravelry. What luck! Isn't technology great for a knitter? I added Eponymuff to my 2017 knitting bucket list. I read it's a little tricky. Can't wait! However, being the faithful West Virginian that I am, I'm thinking gold and blue instead of purple. 

    Rory wore the cutest scarf too! It's Dashes and Dots or Dots and Dashes.

    Even Lane got in on the knitted cuteness with this awesome coffee cup sweater called The Giant Cup. I come from a long line of coffee drinkers and would love to whip up three of these for my girls and I. (Dream on, Alice.)


    There's lots more knitting loveliness to see. Maybe you will become a knitting spotter too. 

    "Take Me Home" Yarn Collection

    The Take Me Home yarn collection from The Nest was inspired by my love and pride for my home state, West Virginia. I wanted to create a yarn that would be both unique and beautiful-just like West Virginia. Cranberry Glades by Steve Shaluta

                      Cranberry Glades / Steve Shaluta Photography

    While pondering how to represent WV in a yarn, it occurred to me that I had an amazing resource in my cousin Steve Shaluta, a professional wildlife photographer and author. Steve’s photographs have been published for many years in Wild Wonderful WV magazine. He not only graciously agreed to share his photographs but assisted me in selecting a variety of photos based on color and location.

    Cranberry Glades Fingering Weight Yarn from the TAKE ME HOME collection

    Cranberry Glades Fingering/Sock yarn

    I immediately approached Claudia McClean, another artist who hand dyes gorgeous yarns from her studio in Harrisonburg, Va. Claudia remarked on the awesome beauty of WV and seemed very intrigued by the challenge. As you can see by the product, Claudia succeeded in creating some gorgeous yarns. When comparing the yarns and the photographs, it’s apparent she selected and recreated with an artist’s eye and great accuracy.


    I love the idea of inspiration, which in this case comes from nature, being interpreted by different artists in different mediums and ways. The next step in this process of creation lies with the knitter who will use the medium of yarn and the palette of Take Me Home colors to create another bit of art.