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    I learned to knit for a girl scout badge when I was 10 years old. My mother did not knit, but found a neighbor down the street who did. Sitting on Mrs. Vandergrift’s porch with cool breezes ruffling my knitting patterns, I not only earned my badge but fell in love with knitting. Mrs. V always wore a nightgown and robe because she had a bad heart. It was, however, a very warm and patient one as she guided me through my first sweater that summer. She died a few years later, never knowing how she had touched my life.

    I continued to knit through college, boyfriends, wedding showers, baby gifts, and finally sweaters for my teenage daughters (Each of these projects has a story of its own).

    When the opportunity arose to open my yarn and knitting shop I wanted to recreate those warm, relaxed, and secure summer days in my cozy little shop. THE NEST, as the name implies, has become a place of quiet respite and lots of laughter while providing the best in knitting yarns, needles, and supplies. If a visit to THE NEST is not possible, I hope a visit to our blog will provide a quiet break in your day that feeds your creative spirit.